DP Upgrade from 9.01 to 9.08


currently i have DP 9.01 & i am looking  to upgrade the cell manager with DP 9.08.  

this is the first time i am going to do the upgrade on cell manager.Dp 9.01.

what are the measure and steps required for an upgrade please advise,


Thank you 



  • Hi !

    First : omnitrig -stop to prevent jobs to be started
    Next check if there is any running sessions.

    Next check if there is any locked devs : omnidbutil -show_locked_devs
    If there is some locked devs and no sessions running, try : omnidbutil -free_locked_devs

    Next check the database : omnidbutil -extended
    If all is good, in some case I restart the CM server/virtual machine, or omnisv -stop && omnisv -start (and omnitrig -stop)

    Then all is good for the update.

    Maybe somebody has any good advice to add

  • Besides from the things mentioned by Ludovic, I would add having a good contingency plan in place just in case something goes wrong and you need to revert to DP 8.0.

    For example something like:

    Backup before upgrading

    • Stop DP services
    • Copy DP directories to a safe place 
    • Start DP services

    Restore in case of problems during the upgrade

    • Uninstall DP software
    • Remove DP folders
    • Clean Install DP 8 and same patch levels as before the upgrade
    • Stop DP services
    • Restore initially backed up DP dirs
    • Start DP services
  • HI 

    Thanks for the information could you please let me know the folders names that need to backup first & the service need to stop before proceeding backup. 

    2. the DP.9.08 is on a single patche (exe) or it is a ISO file.

    3. Currently i have 9.01 running.

    4. Once i run the 9.08 file, which service do i need to start it again. and how to upgrade the current Clients in DP.


    • Windows:


    c:\program files\omniback

    • Unix:




    • Services can be stopped/started with omnisv -stop/-start
    • DP 9.08 comes in an autoextracting exe file
    • Clients upgrade can be done from the DP GUI by right clicking and press Upgrade.
  • Do not forget, once you stop all DP services to check that there are no more DP processes running.

    On linux you can find them with: ps -ef | grep omni

    Kill the remaining processing. Tipically bma and dbsm.



  • Thanks for all , i have run the patch 9.08 of  ( cell manager 9.0 & patch 9.01).

    after the setup i got the attached information, i am not sure the upgrade was successful or not. after the upgrade the service CRS was not working and i have give a restart to the server and eveything comes to normal.

    i dint upgraded any clients till now just to make sure the upgrade is OK.

    currently the regualar backups are working fine.

    please advise for the attached error or informtion

  • "omnisv -status" shows all the services are running fine now?

    Have you tried restarting DP services to see if they can all start correctly?

    Regarding the error "Web reporting user password could not be randomized". I'm not sure this is a fatal error. Do you use Web Reporting? Have you noticed any problems on Web Reporting after the upgrade?