DP 9.07 - Cleaning up Restore Objects

We are running 9.07 using a HPUX 11.31 cell manager. 

I have some old media that was recently exported from the database.  However, when I go into Restore - Restore Objects - Filesystem, I can still see remnants of the backups from the exported media.  In doing a restore, I can select the backup session that was performed on the exported media, however, there is no media to select under the Media tab. 

How can I clean this up?  I still want the ability to traverse a restore tree for other media that may have already expired but have not been exported, so I do not want to perform a blanket purge of everything.


  • Ran a quick test in my lab with DP 9.08. (** 9.07 should behave the same way**)  Executed a backup with permanent protection, gave the description of the object "TEST" completed the backup.  Went to restore portion of gui, saw object description "TEST".  Recycled and exported the 1 media tied to that backup object.  In the restore portion of the GUI, there are no more objects tied to that description.  Which leaves me to bel, either we did not export all media's (possible) or we may have an underlining IDB issue which would need to be investigated through a support call

  • I have verified that there is no media for these sessions anywhere to be found in the media pool.  There is no Restore Session listed for any of these particular sessions either.  A "omnidbcheck -extended" comes back OK.  Thanks again for the help.

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