DP9.0x - StoreOnce 4430 - Catalyst Stores/Deduplication Ratio - MSSQL Integration


I've searched for some whitepapers or best practice guides for StoreOnce Catalyst, but I don't find any specific one.

I have two Catalyst stores for our MSSQL server, one for filesystem backup and one for DB backup. Would it be helpful to create a third one for the transaction log backup, for a good deduplication ratio?

After adding a new SQL cluster, the dedup ratio is going down to 22 from 50. Ok, new system with other databases, new transaction logs and I've seen compression is activ.

Previously we've used a simple failover with log shipping, so a transaction backup was done via filesystem backup. Now the cluster needs a transaction backup.

Does anyone have some good tips or can guide me to the right whitepapers/guides? (MSSQL/Catalyst specific)


Thank you!

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  • Hi Marcos,

    I'm very sorry for the delay, but unfortunately my company forgot to extend the software support and I couldn't answer you!

    At first thans for the information and the very helpful guide.

    During a search through the manual search, I just found some documents for B2D Storeonce systems or older white papers, but not MS SQL specific . So I tried the following:

    - seperate stores and backup specification for SQL backup and SQL trans

    - deactivated SQL compression

    But the dedup ratio is still low:

    What we changed is:

    - move SQL DBs from a single DB instance to a cluster instance, the DB content is still the same

    Could it be, that the data that we now backup, it's now a backup copy of the databases from the replication node (secundary), is different as we would do a simple FULL backup from the primary (active) cluster node?


    Thank you!

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  • FYI:

    - after some inhouse troubleshooting, we found out that after switching to cluster db, the dba's creates 1-2 more db's, so that's the reason why the dedu ratio was going down. Now after some weeks, I can see that the ratio is going up, so I guess after one month, after deleting the old (>30 days) media, I'll have a normal dedup ratio.