DP Integration - SAP Database

Hi guys,

I'm using DP since 7.x for SAP/Oracle to backup database, sapmnt and some other files with the SAP R3 integration.

On the other side, one customer was using Symantec BE with SAP agent to backup db and so on. The database was migrated to Sybase ASE (16) and BE was not able to provide us an agent for Sybase ASE, so we're duming the needed databases to a store and BE backup these databases with the windows agent (filesystem agent).

We want to switch now from Symantec (Veritas) BE to HP DP and going through the integration guide for 9.07, I found the Sybase ASE integration, but no connection to SAP.

So my question is, why is there only one SAP integration and that integration is just with Oracle and is the Sybas ASE integration also for SAP or just for a single Sybase installation?

I know that Sybase don't need to bring into a backup mode or something else, just do the dump or like the integration, start the backup via DP gui. But I want to know, if it's possible to use this integration also with SAP, or do I need to stay at the configuration (dump to share, backup dump to tape with WIN integration).


Thank you!

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