IDB Migration from CELL A to CELL B DP 9.x for Upgrading after 10.x

Anyone have a complete step by step process im stuck after making readdb on Cell B since conflicts certificates and not able to be owner of IDB migrated


Any help or guindance appreciated

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  • No Cell manager A xxxx hostname Cell manager B yyyy hostname but same patches and version DP level


  • I've received a procedure i am going to apply today I am documenting this and i will share with all forum if successful

  • I think I know which steps you received (I was working with the engineer in your case). 

    I will recommend to run another command before the remap: omnidbutil -change_cell_name. 

    So the owner will change to the new one. 


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    Got it appreciated Victor

  • Hello  

    I hope you migrated successfully.

    Could you please share the document with me and the forum?

  • 1.Create a folder called  IDB_Dump on C

    2.Create a folder called  IDB_writedb  on IDB_Dump

    3.Run the next command: omnidbutil -writedb C:\IDB_dump\IDB_writedb

    4.Stop the DP services(omnisv -stop)

    5.Copy the folder called depot (ProgramData\Omniback\depot)  and copy it on C:\IDB_dump

    6.Copy the folders of the output  from the Writedb  command on C:\IDB_dumpa.(DCBF0-5, meta, msg)

    7.Copy the folder called “Server”fromProgramData\OmniBack\Configinto C:\IDB_dump

    8.Uninstall  Data Protectorand delete  all the folders relatedwith DP (Omniback)

    9.Install Data Protector (Same version as the original)

    10.Create a folder called “New_IDB”on C(C:\New_IDB) and  run a WriteDB againto this  folder. omnidbutil -writedb C:\New_IDB

    11.Run omnidbutil -readdb C:\IDB_dump\IDB_writedb

    12.Copy the foldersfrom the output of thefirst WriteDB.

    13.Rename the folder “Server”(ProgramData\OmniBack\Config)to “Server_New” andcopy the one from the originalinstallation(Step 7)

    14.Go into “Server”and  rename the next files:a.AppServer-> AppServer_oldb.Certificates-> Certificates_oldc.Idb -> idb_old

    15.Copy from the folder“Server_New”and copy the folders AppServer,  Certificates and idb and  copy them on “Server”

    16.Start the services(omnisv-start)

    17. At this step, the database owner will be "original one", to change to target, perform:

    omnidbutil -change_cell_name OriginalHost

    18. Start GUI ask for a new certificate belonging new server name and you should have IDB as original one