could not store detail catalog

good day,

I am using dp5 and i receive the ff. error:

"Data Protector could not store a part of the detail catalog during the backup or
import. All files that are backed up on the same device after this message are
not marked as backed up in the Data Protector Internal Database. Backup is still valid and
restore of complete objects is possible."

What possible is the cause of this error and will it affect the integrity of the backup?



  • Hi.
    I think you have to restore all of IDB. Because this catalog is part of the OmniBack Database.
    If you have nearest IDB backup, just use omnidbrestore -autorecover to automated restore the database.

  • The message doesn't say enough. That's everything in the message? All it says is the detail catalog of the backup couldn't be written, thus it would be like Log None for the remainder of the backup to that device.

    Who was the message from? The BSM or the BMA? Debug.log entries at the time?

    HP Support
  • Hello,

    Here's the exact error message.

    [Normal] From: VBDA@edw-dw "/dbdata12" Time: 11/7/2004 1:38:36 PM
    STARTING Disk Agent for edw-dw:/dbdata12 "/dbdata12".

    [Major] From: BSM@ob1 "DW_bin_backup" Time: 11/7/2004 2:03:31 PM
    [61:4039] Following error occurred while storing detail catalog
    information for device "Ultrium_Drive3_dw"
    with loaded medium "c0a80f07:418afec8:33f5:0001" [[NJ8577L1] edw-dw_bin_28]
    to Data Protector Internal Database:

    No space available on all detail catalog directories.

    From this point on, all objects on this medium
    will have logging switched to "No Log".

    Attached are the omniback session reports.

    Is there a need for me to be alarmed from this message? The backup completed with errors. Other than that warning, the backup is okay.


  • Verified Answer

    hello Paul,

    the problem that you don't have enough space in detail catalog! the backup was terminated, and when trying to import the catalog (existing oin the tape) to the IDB there was no place, so that's why backuip will be performed without logging (i mean no log)... the backup could be restored but you have to import the catalog from the tape to the IDB when you will have place...

    suggestion: try to purge the dcbf after changing some protections...
    (omnidb -strip
    omnidbutil -purge -dcbf)

    hope this help

  • If you run omnidbutil in a command prompt, it will display the syntax needed. I just had to increase the size allowed for my dcbf. If you directory path has spaces, you have to put quotes at either end.