DP 10.02 Not Using Free Pool

Was out on vacation so I did not rotate tapes like I normally due, this lead to my normal media pool getting fully used.  When it ran out I have half my tape library formated to Free Pool and my Main Pool has the option checked to "Use Freepool" with the proper free pool selected.


Instead of using those tapes, every tape job that was needing to run instead issued a mount request and nothing was backed up to tape.


I double checked my settings, and this used to work in DP 9.x so I must assume its yet another DP10 bug, has there been any indication of already knowing this issue and a possible hotfix?


  • After aboring the 10 tape jobs that ended up being delayed, formatting all my tapes.  They all moved themsleves back to the Free Pool since I have that option checked.


    Tried a test backup, and it pulled from the free pool and changed it to the proper media pool.


    So it seems it was a semi isolated incident, but this is the 2nd tape issue I have had in a couple of weeks and it causes major issues since it seems when one tape job is stuck it holds all the other jobs up even though I have more than one writer device with load balancing selected.