DP 9.09 (114) Failing to Integrate with Oracle 12.1


As per the title, we have DP 9.09, old build 114, installed in our environment. We have just commissioned a new RHEL 7 Oracle 12.1 server, our first one of this combo, and the Oracle backup job integration through the GUI is failing. All our existing Oracle installations (12.1, & 11) are all on RHEL 6, this is a our first RHEL 7 Oracle combo. Our guess at this point is the Oracle integration agents are not compatible with 9.09(114), but can anyone else confirm?

Error message from the GUI:

Undefined subroutine &DPOracle:: CmnSetProcessAlarm called at /opt/omni/lib/perl/DPOracle.pm line 1576

When we look at that line in the perl script it says:

CmnSetProcessAlarm (name => "SQLPLUS", pid => $pid, timeout => $timeout);

What's strange is that in this "DPOracle.pm" it mentions SQLPLUS, with the section of this line is in is called "test_sqlp_timeout"!!

Anyway, it's not working, we're wondering if it's a DP version problem, likely, or maybe an Oracle configuration error, unlikely. Anyone out there got any clues? Would be good if someone at a later version of DP could check their DPOracle.pm script and see if it's the same. It very well could be but it's something else which is wrong which is not compatible with the RHEL 7/Oracle combo.



  • Hello , 

    Remember to add the user with permissions to DP as admin. Also, does this users have SYSBACKUP or SYSDBA permissions? 

    If only has SYSDBA permissions, you will need to add this variable into the omnirc file on the client: 


    Then restart the Inet. 

    And to solve your question, yes, DP 9.09_114 supports Oracle 12 R1 running on RHEL 7.x

  • Hi Andras,

    Many thanks for your responses.

    We've asked our Oracle DBA's to check the accesses, and they have confirmed its all ok. They are now going through and comparing all our other Oracle installs to try and see the differences with this new install. This new install which is not working is a delivered Oracle DB from Oracle, our only specific delivered Oracle install, and it's on RHEL7, our only Oracle on RHEL7. We're guessing that there are a number of specifics the Oracle delivered database definition which for some reason the DP integration programs do not like. Either that or the onsite customisation our DBA's apply is now messing with DP!

    Anyway the ball is with the DBA's at the moment to find the solution, unless someone out there can suggest something specific they can check? 

    As for the DP version, many many thanks for confirming, we were getting worried we would have to upgrade to get this working!



  • Verified Answer

    So we have found the solution. Somehow the install of all agents on the host was unsuccessful! It was noticed by a colleague that not all of the agents on the host were on the same DP version, and by being out of sync this caused the backup integration to fail. So when we reinstalled all the agents again, reporting as back in sync on the right version, hey presto, the backup was working!

    It's always the simple things which seem to get in the way.

    Thanks for the help and support