Import of tapes from old cell manager

We were having some issues with our cell manager version 6.2 and this got to the point where we did a clean install of version 7 but now I have some tape drives with tapes that were created under the old version. I tried doing a scan to see if I could get the tape information into the new database but after about 7 hours it was still running and I had to cancel it so that the regular backups could start running.


All the clients are now on the new version and it would be nice if I could get the session information that is on the old tapes into the new version.


Is there a procedure to get that information over and put those tapes in the correct pool.

  • You can use the MCF export to export the media information on the old CM and import them into the new CM. This sould be pretty fast compared to the regular import approach . If you have large cartridges with a lot of sessions on it, an import can take up to 10 hours for a single cartridge.




  • UNless you have a copy of the IDB from before you re-installed, export to MCF file is not going to work.  You would have to switch to the old IDB version, expor tthe MCF file, but the current IDB back into place, and import the MCF file


    Also a Scan is not going to do anything but read the header file to see if it is valid DP media, and if it currently in the IDB (if not, it is supposed to show 'Data Protector Foreign').  You would need to Import the media to get the data back into the IDB

  • Yes, Bob is right. MCF export will only work if you have a copy of the old IDB. If you have one, you could just fire it up in a VM and do the export there. This would be the fastest solution. Do you have a copy of the old db40 directory?




  • I still have the old IDB but the problem is that both the media agent servers have been upgraded to the new version. I will try and import one tape at a time after our nightly backups have completed. Worse case, once I have made successfull backups for two weeks I will just reformat those tapes.


    Thanks for the options.

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