Use sparc Solaris 10 as a media agent with Data Protector 9.07 and MSL 4048 G3 Tape Library


We are trying to configure a sparc Solaris 10 host as a media agent to backup directly to an MSL 4048 tape library using LTO-7 tapes. The host has been zoned with the tape drives and the general media agent component has been installed.

From data protector devices section the client has been added as a path for the tape drives however when trying to run a filesystem backup we are getting the error number 61:7109 (medium in device cannot be initialized) and after cancelling the mount request the tape being used is now blank (having previously been formatted).

From the OS side the two tape drives can be seen when running the cfgadm command.

The tape library controller is managed by another windows server which is the main media agent for this tape library.

Any assistance with this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.