DP 8.13 & Catalist: poor media

Hello People!

A have a backup spec with Catalist on D2D 4500 Device.

This backup works fine, all logs from all sessions good.

But when recovery was needed - i found error with this action - becouse one of media poor!

On 2D2 i see this media, no errors on it and contains some data (which we need).

When i trying to verify this media from DP - error [159:13136] .

Is there a way to return this data from this catalist media?

Thanks and have a nice day! -)

  • Hi Vladimir,

    Well this sounds like there has been a corruption on the media. Verification works like a restore to a null device. If this fails there is something seriously wrong. As a result the media is flagged poor. You could try to recycle and export the media and try importing it again. If this also fails it might be a impossible to get the data back from this media.

    Sebastian Koehler