VM restore deleted VMDK even when keep for forensics was selected...

Hi Folks, 


We recently had an issue where by we were preforming a standard restore of a VM using data protector 9

The following were selected in the restore process:
Selected VM to be restored; Selected 1st December as restore date. 


Register VM if needed
Existing VM handling: Keep for forensics

Target cluster: different from the origional VM
Target datastore: different from the origional VM
No Specific host defined
No resource pool defined. 
No network defined. 

Media was tape and was not present in the library at the time. 

The issue we found was that the job seemed to have ignored the selected "Keep for forensics" option and proceed to power down the origional VM and delete the VM disk SCSI 0:0 (this was the disk we were restoring) and and request the media to be mounted. 

I have since tested this with the same configuration and have found that the restore shuts down the current VM and proceeds with the restore. 

I had another engineer check the restore config and confirmed that the correct "Keep for forensics" was selected. 

Has anyone ever encountered this issue where it seems that the restore either ignores the "Keep for forensics" options or displays that in the config but still proceeds to delete the disk? 

Note: All restores are ran from a management server that connects to the cell. 


Many thanks,