DP9.04 - Query on Drive based encryption

Hi Team,

We are using DP 9.04 , HP MSL library having LTO6 drives. Backup tapes are going to offsite. Tapes are of HP Model.

At DR site, We have IBM tape library having LTO 6 tape drive.  (compatible with DP 9.04 & HP tapes)

Now Customer is asking to enable encryption on backup tapes (in case any tape gets misplace during trasport and should not be read by any third party). 

Question :

-> If I enable drive based encryption (Drive-> setting-> advanced->drive based encryption),  would I be able to read the tapes on IBM tape library?

-> What is the method of reading the encrypted tapes at DR site (IDB tape and data tape). Kindly help to provide steps for decryption .



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  • Hi,

    I do it on a daily base, just create a simple batch file (Windows) / bash file (Linux)


    @echo off
    REM delete old *.cvs
    del <x>:\ProgramData\OmniBack\Config\Server\export\keys\tape_encryption_keys.csv
    REM create new *.cvs (I always export all keys)
    omnikeytool -export tape_encryption_keys.csv -all
    REM move *.cvs to an other share
    copy D:\ProgramData\OmniBack\Config\Server\export\keys\tape_encryption_keys.csv \\<another_server>\<share>
    exit /b 0

    Best regards,