From which version that we can connect Data Protector to Azure Storage?

Hi All,

I am not that familiar with data protector but about to download trial to try to connect to Azure storage.
I try to find "how to" document but cannot find anywhere... on how can we connect the Data Protector to Azure.

My current version isA,09.07 (109) will this version compatible to Azure ot will require the upgrade first?


Please kindly advise.

  • Hello

    You need at least DP 9.08

    New Features in Data Protector 9.08
    The following key features are introduced in Data Protector 9.08:
    l Support for object copy of file system data to Microsoft Azure
    l Support for CDB and PDB mode in Oracle 12c
    This section provides a brief description of the key Data Protector features that are introduced in the 9.08
    Support for object copy of file system data to Microsoft
    A new device is introduced to enable object copy to Microsoft Azure object store from Data Protector. This
    new device sends data to Cloud (Azure) containers and is created in a similar way as other devices in Data
    Protector. To create such a device in the GUI, the Backup to Disk device type with Cloud (Azure) interface is
    selected, and the parameters pertaining to account name and access keys are specified.


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  • Hi thetoppy,

    As JBasilio pointed out having an updated version of 9.x will be necessary. As of today I would go for A.09.09_116 to have the latest bits. With this version you're able to copy locally created backups (on a File Library, StoreOnce, or other disk device) to an Azure Cloud storage.

    If you need direct backup support, this is coming in Data Protector A.10.03 which should be available soon.

    Sebastian Koehler