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We have Management Server, this is in the cell of the 1st Cell Server. When accessing the 2nd Cell Manager from the Management Server, the following error message appears.

A server error has occurred. Reported error message:

Server could not be connected.Try connecting after some time.

Is this a problem that the management server is in the other cell? How can you connect multiple Cell Managers from the management server?

Thanks for Help!

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    Hello ,

    If this is Data Protector 10.x on both ends you need to ensure.

    1. Cell Manager must run on the same INET port (e.g. 5555 or 5565)
    2. Secure Communication must allow to connect from the GUI client, run omnicc -secure_comm -configure_peer <Client> from CM and omnicc -secure_comm -configure_peer <CM> from client
    3. Make sure there is a valid entry (Windows user, see whoami on the client) in Data Protector User Management for the connecting client

    Sebastian Koehler

  • Hi,


    thanks ... my prblem was the secure certificate from the client "omnicc -secure_comm -configure_peer <CM>" ... i have only executed the command on the CM 

    thanks for help