DataProtector db restore issue

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I'm trying to restore production site's oracle db to disaster recovery site. So I moved production backup cartridge to DR tape drive. Successfully imported cartridge into tape drive and can see files on the cartridge. But unable to restore contents, following error occured.


[12:8347] IPC Connection to host failed


DR and PR sites don't have network access. Maybe it's problem?

  • I am assuming that this is DP 8 or above


    The error


        [12:8347] IPC Connection to host failed


    Seems to indicate that it is trying to restore to the original cell manager.  I found these notes that talk about this


    IDB Restore to another CM
    It is possible to restore backups for one cell manager to another by importing
    media with valid IDB backups to another CM with following limitations:
    All restored datalists related for backups on the original Cell Manager are no
    longer valid.
    All clients from the original cell manager have to be exported and imported to new
    All devices from the original host and all datalist related to them are no longer valid
    if they are not moved to new CM.
    The cell info file should not be restored to new cell manager
    The same applies to the (DP_DATA_DIR/config/server/idb/) idb.config file.


    There is not a lot of documentation about doing this procedure.  You may need to select a different folder or Mount point to restore the IDB to

  • Thanks Bob,


    Yeah there is not enough documentation about that. I'm going to create service request to HP support. 

  • Bobs reply is related to IDB Restore but if I read right you are talking about an Oracle DB that is to be restored.

    Do you fully import the Tape on the DR-Site or are you trying a "List from Media"-Restore?

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