Data Protector 8.1 maintenanc​e questions

We just rolled out 8.1.  So.... can I get rid of the db40 dir and files now that db80 is up and running? What other directories and files can we remove?  What are any tasks that should be done on a regular schedule?


Running 8.1 on HP-UX 11.31

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    No, not if you need to restore any files backed up prior to the Upgrade


    The filenames in Raima fnames.*, dirs.*, fn*.* files and the DCBF files are not
    loaded into the PostgreSQL IDB. Instead they are kept in their old folders in the
    db40 directory and they are continued to be used in read-only mode by DP
    8.00 for restoring old backup versions. DP 8.00 can read and interpret the old
    C:\ProgramData\omniback\db40 directory on Windows, and
    /var/opt/omni/server/db40 on Unix


    This way all objects, whose catalogs are still protected and were backed up prior
    to the migration, have their filenames and backup versions info available in the old
    format. DP 8.00 code understands the old format and can start restore sessions
    from it.
    Over time the catalogs get expired. When there is no more data-protected file on
    the medium that a DCBF belongs to, the old DCBFs get automatically deleted via
    daily maintenance the same way as this was done in DP 6.x / 7.x.




    As protection on sessions expires, and media is reused, the 'db40' file will dwindle, perhaps down to nothing.  Then, you can remove teh 'db40' directory