Where did my drives go?

So operations pulled a few tapes this morning, put some tapes in and let me know when they were done.  My backups and initializations starting failing.  Seems the drives just up and disappeared:

[Critical] From: MMA@sapbck.ssmhc.com "LTO_Drive_2" Time: 4/26/2016 11:39:02 AM

[90:1004] Device address not found.

I checked via ioscan and they seemed like they were still around:

But when I checked in DP itself all teh addresses were 'bad':

I tried a soft boot of the library, hard boot of the library, and multiple ioscans.  No luck.  where'd my drives go? Why did they go? And how do I get them back?  I am trying NOT to have to reboot my CM.


CM is HP-UX 11.31

DP is 9.06

 Oh, and I did open a ticket with support.

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  • Hello

    Please NOTE that s/n stored into IDB has 10 characters and s/n detected by devbra command just 8 characters. It sound familiar to me for specific libraries with DP 8.x, maybe you are suffering the same.

    Please opem support call nad provide devbra output running command in debug mode 1-300

    Best Regards

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