DP9: SAP programs exist but can't seem to be located

One of our SAP systems just got updated and of course broke Data Protector.

It looks OK from the command line:

(root@s928-dbsapwd1)# ./util_sap.exe -CHKCONF JBD
(root@s928-dbsapwd1)# ./util_sap.exe -CONFIG JBD /oracle/JBD/121/ system/********@JBD /usr/sap/JBD/SYS/exe/run/ /oracle/JBD/
(root@s928-dbsapwd1)# ./util_sap.exe -CHKCONF JBD

And even tried uninstall, and update from the GUI. All seems OK.

But when I go to run a backup I get:

[Critical] From: OB2BAR_OMNISAP@s928-dbsapwd1.ssmhc.com "OMNISAP" Time: 04/10/17 08:57:59
Cannot get information on file '/usr/sap/JBD/SYS/exe/run/brarchive' Error: 13.

Also, when I try to choose configure from the GUI I get:

They exist!

What am I overlooking?

CM and Client are running HP-UX11.31.  SAP and Oracle 12c on the client