could not connect to data protector inet process on host wridp


we have the cell manager on one server and library link on another server.

we changed the ip address of the library link one.

now, i get an error "could not connect to data protector inet process on host wridp" when tring to run a backup

what do i need to change to make it work again?


  • Hello blanchap, 

    This error because exists an issue with the connection to the Inet on the client. You can check the connection running a telnet test to inet port to the client wridp. 

    You told us that have changed the IP on this server/library. Try to ad the new information to the hosts file on the CM:

    Windows  C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

    Unix /etc/hosts


    Anyway, try to recreate the library or the backup. 

    Make sure that name resolution or hosts files works correctly and connection to inet port works. 

    ***Inet on DP 10.x version when is fresh install is 5565 / Inet on DP 9.x or 10.x upgraded is 5555***