Need steps to Data Protector Cell Manager Restore Backed up to StoreOnce Catalyst store.


Please let me know steps to Retore DP CM. Backup target is Storeonce Catalyst restore using IP address.

Now that my CM is down, and the recent IDB backup is there in one of the Store.

DP Version 9.09



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    You will need to identify the mediums used in the last IDB backup. You can check it in the obrindex.dat:

    Windows > ProgramData\omniback\server\db80\logfiles\rlog\obrindex.dat

    Unix > /var/opt/omni/server/db80/logfiles/rlog/obrindex.dat

    Then install DP and the patches. Configure the StoreOnce and run this commands for each medium: 

    omnimm -import NameOfTheDevice/Gateway -slot MediumName

    And continue with the normal procedure after the import. 

    1. Stop services, only left Inet running.
    2. Copy oberindex.dat to original location on new installation.
    3. Create response file:
      1. Windows: omniofflr -idb -autorecover -skiprestore -save c:\offlr_options.txt
      2. Unix: /opt/omni/bin/omniofflr -idb -autorecover -skiprestore -save /tmp/offlr_options.txt

    [Normal] From: OMNIOFFLR@win-cmdp8xx.xx "Offline Restore" Time: 3/18/2015

    7:56:47 AM

    Ready for restore.

    1. Rename current IDB.
      1. Windows: C:\ProgramData\OmniBack\server\db80 to db80_old
      2. Unix: /var/opt/omni/server/db80 to db80_old
    2. Offline restore process
      1. omniofflr -idb -force -read path/offlr_options.txt
      2. Confirm message with "ok"
    3. Confirm IDB consistency with omnidbcheck -extended
    4. Restart services