Replication schedules with -exclude option


Need your help in configuring ‘Replication schedules with exclude a fixed day of a year/month’. DP 10.03 GUI does not provide this option.

Schedules including the replication schedules are no more available as flat text files as it used to be in pre-10.03 versions. In Pre 10.X version, we had all the replication schedules files which can be edited to exclude on particular day. Now we do not have this luxury. And DP 10.03 do not have this EXCLUDE option in DP GUI. So, is there any other way we can modify the replication schedule to be excluded on given day(s)?

 History of the case:

  • Unlike Backup Specification Schedules, Replication Schedules wizard do not have option to mention the data protection.
  • So, protection always follows the one mentioned in Replication job specification. Hence we need to create separate Replication jobs and its respective replication (copy) schedules to have desired protection separately.
  • Customer want to have different  protection for Daily/Weekly/Monthly/HalfYearly replication jobs.
  • Now, I create a replication schedule to run daily/weekly/monthly/HalfYearly. So, there are conflicts on end of week/month/HalfYearly. On a given day any one Replication should be running and other replications should be skipped.
  • In the absence of ‘-exclude’ option in GUI or through other methods, we are unable to stop these conflicting replication jobs.  
  • Workaround: We are manually deleting the conflicting replication instances going to that particular day(s). Ex: First day of every month, particular day of a month/year, and etc..
  • Holiday Option too is not working out for the customer environment, because each replication schedules run on different day(s) and all jobs cannot be excluded to be run on any particular day. Holiday File being global option for all jobs.

 Any tips & suggestion will be much appreciated. 

Note: Customer was using our competitor backup application, there the ‘exclude’ option is available in their application GUI.

 Thanks & Regards,