oracle integration AIX error


We have recently installed AIX 7 on a number of lpars which are running Oracle 12 

On one of these we have installed DP client and Oracle integration 9.05 

We are trying to setup the Oracle backup but using both the GUI and we get the same error 

*RETVAL *8100



process exit code: 1 Signal : 0 


RMAN-03009: failure to allocate command on DP_TEST channel at  

ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication  channel

From all that I have read it implies this means that you need to setup a link to the  DP MML library from the Oracle home dir which we did for older versions of DP 

I have just read in the dp 9 integration guide that you no longer have to setup the link 

We setup a link libobk.a to the DP library to see if this fixed the issue but it still fails 

Any ideas what else I can try to get this to configure