DP 9.0, GRE and multiple domain controlers



I am testing GRE with DP 9.0. I was able to follow all the steps until I enter search criteria to find my emails to restore. The search took ages and ends with error or nothing found or neven ever ends. I ran the recover sessions with debugging and I see that:


* DP creates temporary mailbox and explicitly specifies our DC1 domain controller (EDIT: this is our primary DC):


New-mailbox name DP_Recovery_ExchangeGRE_pdcexc001_2014-10-16_4 alias DP_Recovery_ExchangeGRE_pdcexc001_2014-10-16_4 FirstName DP_Recovery_ExchangeGRE_pdcexc001_2014-10-16_4 UserPrincipalName DP_Recovery_ExchangeGRE_pdcexc001_2014-10-16_4@our.domain Database DB-Users Password System.Security.SecureString ResetPasswordOnNextLogon False confirm False DomainController DC1.our.domain


DP verifies that mailbox was created but Exchange uses domain controller DC2 for verification (EDIT: this is Exchange current DC): 


Get-Mailbox Identity DP_Recovery_ExchangeGRE_pdcexc001_2014-10-16_4 


And operation returns error:

The operation couldn't be performed because object 'DP_Recovery_ExchangeGRE_pdcexc001_2014-10-16_4' couldn't be found on 'DC2.our.domain'.


The domain controllers are synchronized but it takes minutes for information created on DC1 to by copied to DC2. Recovery retries the check above and based on some internal timeout either gives up with error or proceeds. The question is: Why does DP specify domain controller when mailbox is created? Why not leave it up to Exchange? Can I set which domain controller to use?


Kind regards, Jan

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