Data protector upgrade failed

I`ve issued with upgraaded data protector for client HPUX that run with ignite-UX for version 9.08 backup and restore works fine but when upgrade version from 9.09 has been failed.

error log with ./ -Uninstall

failed to initialize this agent. make sure the agent program exists on the host and can be executed. Target connection failed. 

both telnet works port 5555

and upgrade from manager failed too

is there have solution here?


  • Hello Yokke,

    I'm not sure if I get things right. Can you please confirm if this HP-UX system only has some client components (Disk Agent, Media Agent, etc.) installed? You try to upgrade this client from 9.08 to 9.09 with the patch bundle or is this something different?

    I'm asking because the installation procedure for the patch bundle is different. I'm just quoting the relevant part here.

    5. Run to install the patch, -bundleadd b909

    6. Alternatively this patch can be installed by using the
    native swinstall command also. In this case use the below
    command to install,
    swinstall -v -x reinstall=true -s
    /tmp/DPUXBDL_00909/DPUXBDL_00909.depot \*

    This seems to be a swinstall related issue. Can you please share the whole terminal log from the upgrade attempt and/or attach the corresponding swinstall log?

    Sebastian Koehler

  • hello Koehler,

    thanks for reply

    there has problem with hpux os mean while we open this case to support

  •  Hi Yokke,

    Thanks for keeping me posted. Maybe you can share details on the HP-UX issue once it was resolved. I think this could help others in the future.

    Sebastian Koehler