Patched from A.09.00 to A.09.06 -> endofsession e-mails not being received anymore


I've patched my Data Protector installation from A.09.00 to A.09.06 and now I'm not receiving endofsession e-mails anymore.


In global options SMTP server is set correctly. Does it need port number in this version? As ?


Thank you.

  • HP has a hotfix for this problem:


    The fixes in this Hotfix are only for the
    symptoms and environment specified. This patch is a
    hotfix only, and has not been completely regression tested.
    If your Data Protector environment has not been diagnosed
    by HP as having this specific problem, installing this
    patch may have detrimental consequences.

    This Hotfix delivers code changes that will be included in
    future DP General Release patches for the package(s)
    listed above.

    When installing future DP General Release patches for a
    listed package, please check the list of Hotfixes contained in
    that GR patch.  If this Hotfix is not listed, then installing
    the GR Patch will remove the fixes contained in this Hotfix.
    Please contact your HP Support Representative for advice.

  • I have the same problem but I cannot find the hotfix.