BRICK - version 2.00 for DP 8.XX and 9.0X on HP-UX/Linux/Windows

Hi Community,


today I released the latest version of BRICK - Backup Related Information Collector and Keeper - version 2.0.

The tool is celebrating the third "birthday" and has become very popular over the years and the new version has a lot of new features you might interested in to document your Data Protector environment.


Check it out at

To see a working demo use


If you like the tool, spread the word, assign Kudos and tell me your success story with the tool.


Best regards


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  • This is a very handy tool for us DP admins thanks for the work on this!


    It runs great on my Linux cell managers but I seem to get the same core dump error as the post from above when I run this on my HPUX cell managers.


    My question is, was there every any further information on the UNIX error or is this just a known issue at this time?


    I would love to be able to also run this within our HPUX cells.


    Many Thanks!




    I tried using the new version in a cell manager with DP 7.03 HP-UX 11.31 MCSG Cluster.

    I execute the script with:


    dehoux0010:/root/brick # ./brick
    [HP ARIES32]: Core file for 32-bit PA-RISC application
    [HP ARIES32]:   /root/brick/brick saved to /root/brick/core.brick
    Memory fault(coredump)


    What happend?

    regards Michael