HP Data protector Integration with Oracle 10g


We are facing a problem in integration.

1. We have configured RMAN as per instructions manual.

2. We have Redhat EL4. With Oracle 10g. and Dataprotector Cell Manager is installed on Windows Machine.

3. I have Created 2 Users. in Dataprotector in admin group. one is oraprod and other is root

oraprod is Oracle User with Sysdba previllages.

4. In the Linux we have configured omniback

5. When we run the following command for testing the configuration

perl ./util_oracle8.pl -config PROD /u01/oracle/PROD/db/tech_st/10.2.0/ dpadmin/dpadmin@PROD rman/rman@VIS

Where "PROD" is our database and listner name.
dpadmin is oracle user with sysdba previallges.

perl ./util_oracle8.pl -chkconf PROD

It means our configuration upto this level is ok.

but we get following error when i create a backup in Dataprotector GUI.

ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified
CONNECT: dpadmin/*****@PROD

Please help. We are stuck at this point. and trying to solve it since 2 days but not successful.

Malik Asif

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