Best Practices Store Once Catalyst - media pool


Can you please advise, if possible, what is the best practices regarding media pools for Store Once Catalyst?

I know in the case of VTL the best practice is to use non-appendable media. But what about Catalyst? If non-appendable, can you explain why? (thinking about object copy - replication controlled by DP - between Store once devices)


  • Hi ,

    For StoreOnce Catalyst you don't need to change Media Pool settings from default. It does not really make a difference if the pool is non-appendable or appendable. The reported capacity might vary a bit.

    There is an option on the B2D library where you can enforce a Single Object per Store Media which is more important here. I would enable it.

    Sebastian Koehler

  • Hello bmihai,

    For the media pool, the most important part is the MEDIA TYPE and so it will be the one for StoreOnce - StoreOnce Software deduplication OR StoreOnce Backup system.

    The next one would be the allocation policies (appendable or non-appendable) - it should not matter as long as you have enough disk space.

    Yes - the default parameters should be for than enough for media pools to your StoreOnce device as it is a non-issue with your backup and even on object copy.

    Hope this helps


    DP Support