Offload backup data to tape from replicated catalyst stores

I have site A and Site B. Backup is done on site A and replicated on site B (SO catalyst replication controlled by DP). On the target Store Once device i created catalyst stores and added them in DP with IP. This IP is bound to one of the 1Gbit interfaces and is (should be) dedicated only for replication -- VLAN X. Now i want to offload the data to tape (directly SAS attached on MA on site B) from replicated data. This should be done via 10 Gbit interface (VLAN Y). Any idea how can i achive this?

I tried to create a device in DP and used 10Gbit interface to reach the deduplication system and pointing to the same Catalyst store. Gateway in this new devices has the same media pool assgined as the one that contain the replicated data. But it's not working, i cannot see anything in media pools/slots.

  • Hello bmihai, 

    To transfer the data between two different devices you need network communication between them. 

    You explain that you have different VLANs and SO in site B is only connected to this VLAN to replication. I will suggest contact network team and enable the internal routing of these VLANs. So you can communicate between the SO and Library. 

    You can use access lists to implement security too. 

    Hope this give you a clue,