Object copy to tape

hi all ,

i have an isue when i 'm trying to copy objects on tape. When a number of backup finished on d2d , an automatic obgect copy starts to write those backup on a physical tape. When the copy object finsh,  in some cases (always with diferent objects) it show me that some of the copied objects is 0 Kb without any warning or error. It seems that the session finished succesfully but inside you see that some objects it has 0 Kb.

Has anyone encoutering something similar?

  • I have experienced this too.  It seems that when the objectcopy to tape happens is runs through all the previously backed up copies of the object but only writes the last one to tape.  I think this should be able to stopped using the 'copyid N -fixedcopy' parameter but this appears not to work.

    Has anyone else experienced this?