(DP)Support tips Migrate CM

1)    Make the safety OFFLINE copy of db80 and confg dirs for disaster recovery purpose

In old cell:

             - omnistat (confirm no backup running)

            - omnisv –stop (stop DP services)

            - copy the “db80” and “config” folder


2)    On the old cell, execute writedb of both CDB and MMDB


---start DP service:   #omnisv –start

---check IDB and confirm works:   #omnidbcheck –extended  (will take 3-6 hours)

---write IDB to txt files:       omnidbutil –writedb \database (will take 4-8 hours)


3)    At the end of the writedb, copy the directories proposed by the writedb


Should be: <DP dir>\db80\dcbf

And:                 <DP dir>\db80\msg



4)    Copy the CONFIG directory (with datalists, barlists, schedules, etc ...)


5)    Write down (from omnidbutil –extendinfo) any IDB extension files


check and note down the number of existing extensions (fnames/fn/dcbf)

                    ---In  D:\ProgramData\OmniBack\db80\datafiles\Cdb

                    ---omnidbutil –extendinfo > IDB.txt


6)    Stop the DP, uninstall the DP from old location (If old and new are two  hosts, please ignore this step)


7)    Install the DP to the new disk / location


---Installed the DP agent and latest DP patches   


8)    Extend the IDB files, based on the info from step #5


In GUI—Internal database---usage---<right click> Database tablespace Extension—Add Database tablespace Extension files


9)    Execute the readdb on the new IDB from the original files


     --omnidbutil –readdb \database


10)  Copy the dirs proposed by #3 to their new locations

                           <DP dir>\db80\dcbf

And:                 <DP dir>\db80\msg


11)Open GUI, testing everything works

 copy the complete <DP_DATA_DIR>\config\server\idb\ dir from before overwrite 

not only idb.config

 12)  Copy CONFIG folder content to the new location

13)copy back <DP_DATA_DIR>\config\server\idb\ dir in step12

14) restart DP services

15) omnidbutil -show_cell_name

16) omnidbutil -change cell_name <new name>