NTFS change log provider and DFS-R on same server


i have two servers with about 3000000 files on each and Dataprotector 9.05 takes a long time to backup this servers even if there are not many files changed. On the same disks i use DFS-R to replicate the files to another server.

DFS-R is using the NTFS Change Log for the replication. Is it possible to use the "change log feature" of DP 9 in this case? Can two applications use the NTFS change log at the same time? The servers are 2008R2.

  • Verified Answer

    the Change Journal is not exclusive and can be used by multiple Applications, assuming they don't throw out Records the other ones still require (size limitation of the Journal, tampering with the cjutil settings).

    Check the Section "Incremental Backup Using Change Log Provider" in Admin-Guide for more details.


  • Dear Bro

    Working with DP from last almost 11 year.

    I came across such issue at my several  customer places.  there is no much DP can do for your reported issue.

    If you understand the exact backup procedure then only you will realise why this diffreance is.

    DP writes the log after every file backup completion. In your case 30 Lak logs.

    Now do on demo.

    Create two folders in the first folder copy a file of 500 GB.

    In second folder copy multipal files of veruous size i.e. 1 MB to 1 GB till the entire folder size becoms 500 GB.

    Now execute the saperate backup for first folder & seperate backup for second folder.

    You will realise the forst folder backup will finish faster compare to second folder.

    I hope now you can understand the delayed backup issue, and once again there no much you can expect from DP.




    Sudhakar Kamath.