DP 9 100GB Backup takes 25 hours

DP 9

Windows Cell Manager

I have a Windows server with about 100GB of data files, mostly encrypted image files, that takes around 25 hours to back up.  I have a similar server with half a terrabyte of data that takes less than half that time so I do not believe it is a global issue but possibly a setting on this particular server.  I have checked and the server hardware is not an issue, it's an HP server that is about 3 years old.

I am just wondering the best way to capture a log to see what is happening or if anyone else has had this issue and the fix.    The backup log is clean, no errors, no warnings.


  • Hi.

       Which version of Windows is your MA host running? Is the same host as the DA host? Do you have software compression/encryption enabled for this job by mistake? If the DA and MA hosts are different, then are they in the same sub-net? There could be many issues at play and we'll need to figure out these details to understand the situation better.



  • You can turn on the debug log (modify omnirc with OB2DBG=1-200) and take a folder backup (maybe a few hundred MBs).  Take a look at the log (vbda) and you can then estimate the backup time for each file.

    It could be it's taking a long time to decrypt the file.