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Hello All,


I've not got anything to solve or a problem that can be fixed, but just wanted to ask if anyone has managed to get DP Navigator installed yet? 


I donwload the software yesterday only to find that it can only run on Redhat Linux and that the installtion instructions held in the User Guide are so inadaquate I'll be surprised if many people can install the software.  There are many holes in the instructions  and it is expected you are a DBA, Web administrator, Security Consultant and general Linux guru all at the same time.  One thing that I found very annoying is that for the main DP product, it uses a Postgress Database, but Navigator used a MariaDB database (remember MySql before Oracle bought it??).  Why does it need another database engine?  God only knows but it does and it is recommended to be on yet another server.  That makes one cell Cell Manager, one for the Navigator software and another one for the Navigator database...... although it can be run on the same server as Navigator.


So if you are from a windows background with little or no knowledge of the above topics, Navigator will not be for you and yet again, HP will tease you with impressive screen shots and demos while you wait for a comprehensive reporting tool for Data Protector that is easy to get running and/or works.


Seems that in order to introduce more features into the solution stack, QA and user experience was thrown out of the window as costing too much for the sake of marketing tick boxes.


Sorry for the rant HP, but with the general failure of DP 8 and now this, I'm pretty sure that many Customers will be looking at alternative solutions.  What I would love though is for DP 9 to fix the upgrade capabilities into a seemless process i.e. one executable to double click and for Navigator to be much,  much simpler to install.


  • Thanks, Mark, I appreciate your candor.


    I have made my manager, her manager and the Data Protector Project Manager aware of this

  • Hi Mark,


    when I saw a powerpoint stating the environment necessary for Navigator, I instantly had the feeling that this is way too complicated to get running en passant and posed the question why HP doesn't provide it as a Virtual Appliance. It was considered a Good Idea(tm) but I don't know if it made it into the relevant channels. I still think a VA is the only way to go here. We can probably not change the architecture (the philosophy of siloing database brainbugs below Java application servers eating whatever resources you throw at them seems to be the thing the current developer generation prefers to crank out), but at least it could be offered in a digestable form factor. I'm not from a Windows background and I really like to work on Linux, but those silos are as alien to me as they are to you and I don't want to waste a week(end) smithing one together, either ;)


    An"16 Gigs is recommended"dre.

  • Bob,


    Thanks for passing my comments up the food chain. 


    So far I have spent 10-12 hours on this installation and have got to a point where the web service is running asks for a login - then ziltch!  Now errors being displayed or in any log file I can find - very frustrating!





  • Mark, I got a response from the Project Manager this morning about an improved INstallation document.  If you would like to send me your e-mail address, when it is available, I will try to have it sent to me.  You can either send me a private message in this Forum, or send it to



  • Thanks for the feedback. Streamlining the installation process and expanding the platforms that HP Backup Navigator is supported on are two of the focus areas for our next release.


    In an effort to ease the installation process we're working on a more detailed installation guide to help administrators through this process. I've attached a draft version of the document for your reference.

  • Bob,


    Thanks once again - I have sent you and email.




  • Mike / Bob,


    Many thanks for these revised instructions.  They are MUCH clearer and I now have a working installtion. 


    Why was all that about Samba in the User Guide instaructions????  I spent hours over that bit alone!


    Best Regards



  • Hi,


    I would like to add that I had to make these softlinks in addition to the ones mentioned in Navigator's UsersGuide.pdf page 15:

    /opt/omni/lbin/omnicellinfo -> /opt/omni/bin/omnicellinfo

    /opt/omni/lbin/omnidb -> /opt/omni/bin/omnidb

    /opt/omni/lbin/omnimm -> /opt/omni/bin/omnimm




    Now I am getting an error while initially collection backup specifications:

    DBBridge - Error inserting backup specifications: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'hostname.domain.com""' at line 1
    Query is:
    call insert_backup_spec_object(@_jdbc_var_1,@_jdbc_var_2,@_jdbc_var_3,@_jdbc_var_4,@_jdbc_var_5,@_jdbc_var_6,@_jdbc_var_7)


  • I really have no idea about this error.  YOu would need to open a case, and we would need to get it  elevated to the lab

  • Dear All,


    I'm just joining in trial of DP Navigator 8.00.

    Firstly i'm all agree with Mark in the first post.

    After given the OS to deploy, it's far from one click wizard simple of installation..

    this deployment open up many flaws and hours of deployment for just reporting of DP, while most people can install DP and got it working in under 1 hour..


    I've gone past the MariaDB installation, configure iptables, deploy tomcat as service, and setup all required users all in OS, DB, Tomcat all toghether. and Finding out the best java version was 1.7 instead of 1.8... And then i'm stuck.


    Just wanted to know, Is there anyone trying to deploy both db & apps in Centos ?


    Right now im stuck in login prior to configuration.

    it says no db connection.. that db connection is suppose to be setup after you login right ?

    the error didn't make sense..


    i know the required platform is RHEL 6.4,

    but since my client mostly used CENTOS so they give me CENTOS 6.4,

    and i thougt that would be alright since both come from the same core...


    Well if anyone ever happen to use Centos or got the same error message in login page, or have some ideas to troubleshoot, pease share with me,

    i'd really appreaciate any feedback