VMware Integration License Re-cap

Even after reading through most of the new docs... I am still a little confused about the required licenses needed for VMware Integration.

The text reads...

"VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) and VMware ESX Server backup require one Windows/Linux license per ESX server, VCB Proxy, and VMware Virtual Center participating in the backup and restore process. Script based VCB and ESX Server backup do not require an on-line backup license."


I currently have 1 Virtual Center Server, 1 separate VCB Proxy and 2 ESX servers.

Does this mean I need at least 2 Online Backup licenses... assuming my 2 ESX servers are not able to vmotion, but only if I need to do backups at the same timee on both servers?

Ultimately, I may have the VMware Integration component on multiple Windows Virtual Machines. As long as I am not backing them up or restoring something to them at the same time, I only need 1 Online Backup license? Or does this not matter at all since it is likely a filesystem backup/restore task?

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