DP 9.04 - VMware integration - recommended number of backup hosts

I am looking at moving my client from Veeam to DP/VMware integration. DP v9.04 plus we'll upgrade to v9.06/07

Veeam has a recommended number of backup streams per backup proxy however DP doesnt seem to have that.

For HOTADD and SAN mode, how many backup streams should we recommend per backup host? This client environment will potentially be big so we need to size the proxies to cope with it. Whether this is virtual and/or physical backup hosts.


  • Hi KloppYNWA69,

    performance requirements for SAN transport and HOTADD are similar. I usually recommend a single core (vCPU) per parallel stream. Depending on the other agents running (Media Agent) you will should have 16 GB RAM. So this is very similar to what they do with Veeam. Monitoring the system when the backup is running to see if it works prpperly.

    Sebastian Koehler