Relocate DCBF directories query - DP 10.90

Hi All

We have a DP 10.90 environment. (Physical Server, Windows CM, Server 2012 R2)

The IDB is soon to completely fill the System Volume (where DP is installed) and unfortunately due to Physical disk and RAID limitations we are unable to extend or expand the system drive.

SO .. I was thinking about possibly relocating 1 or 2 of the DCBF directories to another volume and wondered if there is a preferred or advised route for doing this?

The DP 10.90 documentation doesn't seem to offer this info, I have read various reports around older versions of DP but not sure about 10.90.

Any advise or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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  • Hi

    You can create new DCBF directories and move curren tfiles at any moment. Just follow those steps

    1º Create new directories in a different volume

    2º Cut\paste DCBF files into new volu…