Capacity base licenses calculation

I’m a bit confused about calculating how many capacity base licenses do I need for my environment taking in mind described in Quick Speck for HPE Data Protector Capacity Based Licensing rules – exactly regarding described there limitations.

An example:

Backup environment: Hyper-V virtual environment.

Backup sessions:

  • 5 VM (named SRV1 to SRV5) – 100GB each – it will be once a month
  • 1 SQL database backup with on-line integration agents (50GB on SRV1) – it will be full backup every day
  • 1 filesystem backup (standard VSS functionality) (100GB – SRV2) – it will be once a week full backup


How many GB of capacity licenses I need . I know that capacity base license is per TB – but in this small example I use GB for capacity of my resources, just to make it simple to calculate

My calculation – taking in mind described limitation of capacity base license:

  • VM servers backup with Hyper-V integration (SERV1 to SRV5) = 5x100GB=500GB
  • 1x SQL database backup (on-line agents on SRV1) = 1x 50GB = 50GB
  • 1x server backup as filesystem from inside VM SRV2 = 1x100GB = 100GB

Summary = 500 50 100=650 GB

How many capacity base licenses I have to by: for 650GB or just for 500GB?

Regards, Jola


For reference - in the in Quick Speck for HPE Data Protector Capacity Based Licensing is information that:

The Capacity Based License (CBL) product structure is based on the volume of primary data protected by HPE Data Protector. The capacity is measured in "Front End Terabytes" or Front End TB. The total amount of Front End Terabytes is defined as the aggregate amount of source data being backed up from all systems. Per system it is measured as the largest full backup. That is, the total amount of source data backed up

Capacity calculation details:

• For a full & incremental backup concept, only full are considered

• For an incremental forever, a "synthetic" full is used

• Only objects with a status of “completed” or “completed with errors” are included in the calculation

• Only objects which are still under protection are included in the calculation

• The capacity per system is calculated as an aggregation of the largest size of each unique object for that system still under protection


• Backup of the same database with multiple agents will be counted multiple times. Some examples of scenarios where capacity will be counted multiple times:

• A file system backup of a database using VSS and an application integration agent of the same database.

• A virtual environment integration backup of a virtual machine and a file system backup of the same data within that virtual machine. • When an Oracle backup object name format is externally reconfigured in such a way that Data Protector is not be able to resolve the Oracle database name from the object name the unique capacity will be counted multiple times. To avoid this the reconfigured object name must include the Oracle database name and be in the format “


  • Hello Jola,

    Looking at your question :

    Summary = 500 50 100=650 GB

    How many capacity base licenses I have to by: for 650GB or just for 500GB?

    and as per definition :

    HPE Data Protector Advanced Backup to Disk extension

    - The "Advanced Backup to Disk" license is required to backup to a Data Protector File Library and to a
    Data Protector Backup To Disk Device Type, and can be used instead of drive licenses to backup to a
    Virtual Tape Library.

    - Usable native capacity of a HPE Data Protector Backup To Disk device is the size on disk of the
    Backup To Disk device consumed by all protected HPE Data Protector backups. This includes Data
    Protector StoreOnce Software Store, StoreOnce Catalyst, Data Domain Boost, Smart Cache and Cloud.

    1 TB = 1024 GB
    1 GB = 1024 MB
    1 MB = 1024 KB
    1 KB = 1024 bytes

    If it is 650GB (0.65 TB), then the license 

    Advanced Backup to Disk extension for 1 TB (B7038AA)

    is what you will need.

    Hope this helps.



  • Hello Sherman,

    Thank you for the replay but this is misunderstanding of my question.

    I have a lot of data in my environment - as minimum 30TB. The question is if my calculation of front end data is correct or not.

    I have used my small example to simple desribe my calculation problem.

    The main question is – shell I add capacity of databases and filesystems as addition to VM servers capacity to global front end capacity or not?


    So in my example from the first post, which one is correct for capacity licensing scheme: 500 50 100=650 GB or just 500GB.

  • take the Size of the last Full-Backup of each Object in your Cell and add those numbers up. doesn't matter if the Full is done once a month or weekly, counts only one time.

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