Applying Licenses DP 10.60


I recently installed DP 10.60 on an admin server, which will act as the cell manager for our domain. I also added one client so far for testing purposes.

The issue/questions I have is in regards to applying the license:

1) Are licenses different for the cell manager vs clients?

2) I've applied a license to the cell manager, but it still indicates that I am using a trial version

3) How do you apply a license to a client? Is it on the client system, or in the cell manager?

3) Of the 32 licenses I had available to me at the start, I only have 30 left now on my entitlement page. I'm assuming this is because I tried to install them on the cell manager and 1 client however, they are both showing as unlicensed in my domain.

Our domain is an isolated network and therefore has no connection to the external internet. Is this why I'm unable to actually activate the licenses? 

Any help will certainly be appreciated before trying to add more clients.