storeonce mediapool protection

When we use a tape library, each pool has a protection time after which the tape goes into the free pool and can be overwritten. And when we use storeonce Catalyst how to free up space after the end of the defense time? The data remains with capital "expired" but is not deleted from the storeonce.

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    Hello Artsiom Brui,

    Backup media of type B2D (like StoreOnce and Data Domain) will never be used twice in Data Protector. The lifecycle is as follows:

    1. Media is created at backup time
    2. Backup data remains protected on the media until it expires
    3. When it expires the media changes from Protected to Expired
    4. Media gets deleted during daily media clean-up session

    The daily media clean-up session executes once at 12:00 AM by default. Check for a Media session in Internal Database => Sessions). You can force the removal of Expired media using the Devices & Media on the B2D library in GUI or the omnimm -delete_unprotected_media -all command line.

    Sebastian Koehler