debug.log file keeps growing very fast - up to 50GB!!!!

We using DP  version 10.30

The DP client is an Exchange 2016 integration client.

We found debug.log file growing exponentially on the DP client log path. The log file grew to excess of 50GB in size.

.Path to debug file. C:\Programdata\Omniback\log\debug.log

The following attempts were made to fix the issue:

1. Stopped inet service on client. file keeps growing.

2. Ensure that debug option is turned off on the cell manager. stopped omni services and started them up. no luck

3, Check in task manager for any rogue DP services running. None found

Workaround that fixed the issue:

1. deleted the debug.log file (50GB)

2. Rebooted the server. File stopped growing


1. Is this a known bug in version 10.30?

2. Is there a variable that i can set to limit the size of debug.log file

  • My suggestion is

    1. identify the messages in debug.log causing the growth
    2. open a support case attaching the debug.log file asking not to log any useless message you identified in step 1

    There is no variable to limit the debug.log size but if something useless is logged on the file you need to highlight it to support team opening a support case.

    Kind regards