Backup Of Virtual Environment fails after new esxi host

Since migrating our VM's to a new esxi, the backups are failing.

To add the hosts to DP I did the following;


  1. Import Client
  2. Manually typed the host name,
  3. Enter the root credentials,
  4. Stop & Start services
  5. Add the backup job
  6. Select the VM’s for backup
  7. Select B2D device, save the backup job
  8. If I right click on the host and ‘check configuration’, all is fine.
  9. When I start the backup it can see the VM’s and starts adding them to the backup,
  10. It then ‘Creates snapshot’ and then ‘Getting Changed Blocks for disk scsi0:0’, after this it fails with ‘Could not backup disk scsi0:0’. 

Has anyone had anything similar please?