DP (IDB) OS Migration from Windows to Linux


We're running DP909 at the moment on Win2k8, we want to migrate DP to Linux and upgrade to 11.

The documentation only mentions migrating HP-UX (EOL) to Linux.

1. Would you recommend an OS migration of a current IDB?

2. Exists a documentation/guide about OS upgrade or migration?

3. What would be the best practice for a migration and upgrade 

Thank you in advance!

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    Hello ,

    There is no official supported migration path from Windows to Linux. But you could start fresh on the Linux platform and migrate over only parts you need. Please see the guide attached and read it carefully.


    Sebastian Koehler

  • Hi Sebastian,

    Oh..kay, sad but thanks for the information!

    I bet you hear it all the time, but I need all.. Relaxed 

    We wanted to migrate, because in future we have more Linux systems (SAP Hana) than Windows, so we don't need a separate "Installation Server".

    But without a supported migration option, we let CM stay on Windows, so we only need to upgrade the OS and DP. Would you verify my planed steps, or do I missed a part??

    1. fresh install of Windows, install DP same version, restore IDB on new CM, rename CM, consistency checks and test backup/restore on new CM

    2. upgrade CM (9>11), consistency checks and test backup/restore on upgraded CM

    3. repeat point one and two on a maintenance weekend for production environment

    Thank you in advance!

    Best regards,


  • Hi Tobias,

    as suggested earlier, I would make an additional update to a supported 10.x version (10.40/10.20) which is supported on older Windows version. You coule of course upgrade directly to 11 from 9, 9 works on Windows 2019, but since it is officially unsupported, I would make a slow transition.