Upgrade to 10.60 from 9.09 - User migration failed.

After upgrading the user migration stage failed, in the logs and when you try to add a user via CLI it returns 'One of the mandatory parameters might be missing'

Windows Server 2016

CM and GUI are on the server.

When trying omniusers list it loads nothing, I can now not log in, any suggestions please?

  • The below is what is in the log file (removed user and domain information...

    Migration of DP Groups and Users started

    <====================== Summary ======================>

    Adding Roles ...

    One of the mandatory parameters might be missing

    Adding groups ...

    One of the mandatory parameters might be missing

    Adding users ...

    One of the mandatory parameters might be missing

    Attempting to set the password for 'USER|DOMAIN|HOSTNAME.DOMAIN.com'

    One of the mandatory parameters might be missing

    User 'USER|DOMAIN|HOSTNAME.DOMAIN.com' could not be migrated

  • Suggested Answer

    Hello ,

    I don't understand why you perform an upgrade to 10.60 while 10.91 is available and stable and even 11.00 is available. Do you have a chance to roll back to 9.09 and perform the upgrade to 10.91 or 11.00 directly?

    Was Data Protector 9.09 moved to the Windows 2016 server before the upgrade? If yes, have you adjusted the NTFS security accordingly?

    %DP_SDATA_DIR%server\db80must contain have the following permission

    • Full Control​ for the Service account
    • Default permissions

    %DP_SDATA_DIR%server\db80\keystoremust have the following permissions

    • Full Control for Administrators, CREATOR OWNERand SYSTEMonly
    • Disable Inheritance

    Sebastian Koehler

  • Hi Sebastian,

    10.60 is the latest release and license my company has provided for us to use. I confirmed with MicroFocus support before going ahead and they said it was fine to upgrade these versions. So I followed the documentation available on the website.

    DP 9.09 was running on Windows Server 2016 fine for around 6 months, we had to upgrade as we have moved to ESX 6.7 and DP9.09 did not work with this.