Data Protector licenses

Does it exist way to find out what licenses to specific agents are allocated ?

This command doens't answer my questions: omnicc -check_licenses -detail

I want to know what agents are using specific licenses.

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  • Then you're stuck doing it the slow way :-(

    Take your cell_info file, import it into excel using delimited with space and use "" as single value. Then find replace "=-" to be left with agents and versions

    Then sort through the columns and identify any with agents that use online extensions (e.g. oracle8 / mssql / msese / e2020 

    Deduct any that are virtual client imports and see what's left.

    For vepa vmware it will count any esxi servers that the vepa host can see using command "vepa_util query --virtual-environment vmware --host <name of vc /as per DP clients list> --list-esx-servers"