Data Protector v9.0.9 patch/workaround for log4j

Is there a patch or workaround that doesn't involve upgrading. We have a small DP 9.0.9 environment that's protecting RMAN workloads. Our licenses are under maintenance but we're not interested in upgrading if we don't have to; We're currently moving to a new product.

There is no mention of any version prior to v10.0 in the official announcement. As I'm sure we're not the only team still using this version, curious why it would be omitted from the official announcement for something this critical.


  • I get what you are saying but DP9 went out of committed support over 2 years ago. I fully understand all the reasons why one wouldn't / couldn't upgrade but honestly, I don't think the vendor is being unreasonable not patching software that went out of support over 2 years ago. Having said that, MF have released a patch for DP9.09, you can log a support case to get it. Full details can be found here: 

    You should probably thank the folks that are paying for extended support plus for DP9.09 (available until 31/12/2022) for this, its doubtful that it would be available otherwise, and I imagine that its just because of the criticality here, that MF is even making this available to DP9.09 customers without the extended support plus package...