DP10.91/DP11(P1) HF push to Windows clients fails

Seems with at least DP10.91/DP11(P1) hotfix push for Windows clients does not work, when CM is Linux.

From logs we see, windows clients to receive hotfix are trying to mount IS depot path from Linux cell manager (which is also LX IS), rather than from the Windows IS - which of course fails.

This probably does not show with customers having a Windows CM (which is also Windows IS).

Logged a case for a fix. Anybody else see this issue?

[RxNtSetup] OB2_StatFile(exe:C:\ProgramData\OmniBack\tmp\\Upgrade\i386\installservice.exe) failed, errno=[3] The system cannot find the path specified.
[SSC_Accept] SSL_accept() failed with error:5

2021-12-28 14:40:46.466 INET.4716.3984 ["/lib/cmn/win32io.c $Rev$ $Date:: $:":930] A.11.00 b279
Function trace (currentLevel=2):
Level 2: DepotShareExists(host:linux_CM_hostname.fgdn)
Level 1: RxNtGetTmpDir()
Level 0: RxMain()

[OB2_FindFirstFile] FindFirstFileW(pattern:\\linux_CM_hostname.fgdn\Omniback\*.*) failed, errno=[53] The network path was not found.

  • I do not understand your issue. Can you clarify what you are trying to do ? For the above post it seems to me you are trying to distribute a DP HF using a Linux IS to a windows client and this will never work.

    To distribute a DP HF to a windows client you need to:

    1. put the HF zip file on the windows IS in the following folder: C:\ProgramData\OmniBack\Depot\ssphf
    2. then from DP GUI client contest, right click on the client where you want to install the HF and select add component option.
    3. Choose the windows IS where the HF has been installed confirm with next
    4. confirm with the the chosen client
    5. flag in the lower left corner the option "Install Site Specific Patch / Hotfix"
    6. select the HF you want to distribute
    7. click finish

    The HF installation process will start.

    From what you say it seems to me you have selected on step 3 a linux IS and not a windows IS.

    Please assign Kudos if this solved your issue.


  • sorry, not what I wrote.

    When you have a LX CM, a HF push tries to use CM to push HF to windows clients.
    It does NOT use the specified Windows IS for that task.

    When you have a Windows CM which is also the IS, you don't notice this bug.

    This issue is already submitted to CPE and waiting for a fix.


  • , now I understand what is the issue: "When you have a LX CM, a HF push tries to use CM to push HF to windows clients instead of the specified Windows IS". Thanks for informing us.

    Kind regards,


  • hi,

    on my CM 10.91 linux with IS windows  I could push windows client.

    is new install? or upgrade?


  • Hi,
    thanks for testing.
    But client push, upgrade, check installation and add component all work fine.

    It's just the hotfix (HF) push to windows clients if your CM is LX that does not work.

    You use add component on a windows client and select the checkbox at the bottom plus the HF you want to push to it.


    Have you tried this before? Comes in very handy (i.e. with the log4j HF) when a large number of cients need to receive a HF.

    Works the same with LX LS / clients.

    There is documentation on what the HF installer expects for zip and tar packages on IS.




  • Verified Answer

    The DP1090_b182_OCTCR19Q1475286_HF1 HF has been released on Fri Dec 24th to address the issue.

    Ask to support for it in case you have not.

    Kind regards,

  • Verified Answer

    Above fix also available for DP11P1.


    It includes a fixed 'DP_HOME_DIR/bin/bm.exe' for Win IS.

    And, it did solve our issue.
    Win HF deploy works (again).

    Thanks a lot.

    Also requested this HF for DP10.91 build95.