dataprotector tmp directory on client fils with debiyg files


Hello, we installed a new client in DP 10.40 when we run a backup the tmp derictory fils with debug files until it is 100% Full and backup fails

any suggestions how to stop this writing debugs in /tmp on client?

this is the only client with this problem

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    Mmaybe is the sesion has debugs actived , if is filesystem backup go to chek the sesion:


    open the file with session name and chek if on the top has this line or similar

    -debug 1-500 dbg.txt..

    if you find this line maybe this the problem, remove an done

    if not, please put heards on the one of file of debugs.


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    Have you tried reboot the client? Please do it. If issue still remain please share and screenshot showing files names.

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    If there are no debugs as defined by Eblyn, you might think about bouncing inet process.  We saw that when upgrading.  This was actually done on the CM however it might be worth a shot on the client:

    Depending on RedHat Rel version:

    REL7 - systemctl restart  xinetd

    REL6 - /etc/init.d/xinetd restart

    Got to /tmp and remove all debugs.

    Ran a backup.

    Hope this work for you.