new storeonce backup vmware cluster - slow

Hi. I am trying to understand logic of dataprotector. We bought new server and create our 3rd storeonce. I installed there disk agent, General media agent, Virtual Environment Integration, StoreOnce Software deduplication. Same services are on 1th and 2th servers. Now we start backup our vmware cluster. Usually it is done during the weekend. But now is very slow(today is still running). The new server is faster and has same net connection like the others(if I backup some filesystem it`s faster). OK I said, maybe first backup is slow and then due to deduplication the next backup will be faster ?  I checked net connection during backuping VMWARE. Yesterday it was connected directly vcsa01(vCenter) - > 3rd server it was correct. Today I checked again and communication is vcsa01 - > 2th server - > 3rd server. I don`t understant why it is happened ? In dataprotector I see that 3rd storeonce is using own gateway. Could someone to clarify me how it works ? 

We have Dataprotector 10.90 on Centos

Thank you

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